British Village Ladies

The British Village Ladies are older, more experienced ladies who are proud of what they have. These mature ladies slowly reveal their charms for the camera - but it's all done in a dignified and very sexy way. There is no hardcore, but pure, classy, teasing pictures which makes a pleasant change from the 'in your face' hardcore available on some adult sites. Refreshingly, there is no awful plastic silicon anywhere on these village ladies. The ladies retain an air of mystery and unattainability; just like the ladies you could meet at an English Village Summer garden party. The British Village Ladies are an institution, and we love them.

Village Ladies

The Village Ladies include housewives, nurses, teachers, a debt collector, medical workers, lecturers, an engineer, an accountant, a retired civil servant, and a number of ladies in sales and marketing. Remember, they are all refined and you will not find any plastic tits.
We are huge fans of the Village Ladies and let's just say if they are the kind of women you like, and don't we all, then you will find real life examples here on this village lady lovers web site.